We remove the wheels from your car

We remove the wheels from your car

We can remove the wheels from your vehicle and deflate the tyres. If the beads are broken this enables the tyres to be pushed back and the rim to be repaired.

The damage is corrected with the use of various procedures. Firstly, they are primed to avert any corrosion. The wheel is then baked under infer-red lighting before the primer is then ‘flatted’ out to ensure an even finish. The wheels are then painted to the colour of your choice or matched to the original finish and then baked under the infer-red lighting system again. Afterwards they are sprayed with lacquer and baked off again until they are dry. Finally the tyres are inflated and refitted to your vehicle

The wheels are refitted to your car then the wheel nuts are torqued up to the recommended level.

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